3 Critical Tips to buying CBD and What to Look for when buying CBD

There aren't many supplements that offer as many potential benefits to your wellness as hemp-derived CBD. Purchasing hemp sourced CBD products are beneficial, as it provides the healthy and properties of cannabis without the impairment or being high. 

People search for HOURS to find out more information about CBD because chances are they have heard so much good about it. Safe to say the majority of people when buying CBD for the first time are hesitant to make their purchase. A lot of people worry about purchasing the wrong type of product for their needs. Most when asked are afraid the most of not getting a legit source of CBD oil and worried their product is fake.

Please continue reading if the plethora of health benefits of CBD are of interest to you, but still uneasy about buying a product. It’s easy to determine the best type of product to purchase and what to look out for.

What to look for when buying CBD: (How to tell if CBD is good quality, is not a scam, and is going to be good for you)

1) Extraction Process: Make sure CBD is extracted from CO2

We advise to only buy CBD from a company that can tell you where their hemp is grown. Companies that hesitate or cannot prove where they grow their hemp should be an immediate disqualifier to you. Something else to look out for is to understand that the company uses Good Manufacturing Practices in its extraction process. Natures Harvest CBD is extracted through a CO2 supercritical extraction, and our CBD products are extracted from industrial hemp, grown in Oregon. The CO2 extraction method is a complicated system but is able to extract cannabinoids at an 85-90% efficiency. Meaning you are getting the most and pure cannabinoids.

2)Third Party Testing: Make sure the company will let you see the results

Whenever buying CBD, always make sure to look and see that the company does 3rd party testing for their products. If they do not do 3rd party testing or are not open about their testing and showing you results, they are most likely not reputable. People will claim they do 3rd party testing, but that can be a false claim. Third party testing for CBD is important as it tests for any chemical that can be harmful in the CBD. It ensures a more pure form of product as well as a means of knowing where your CBD is coming from. Natures Harvest CBD is all third-party tested in an FDA approved facility, and you can see the results on our website, Checkthecbd.com

3) THC levels:

Another thing people make a lot of false claims with THC content in CBD. This is where 3rd party CBD testing is crucial. CBD is no longer considered hemp is the THC content is above 0.3% THC. It is important to know that you are not getting THC or if you are it is the minimum allowed by regulatory requirements. Natures Harvest CBD only has one product that contains THC and that is the full spectrum which is all less than 0.3% THC. All products from Natures Harvest CBD results can be viewed at checkthecbd.com 


Purchasing CBD/Hemp Conclusion:

We understand the concerns, the frustrations and the desire to wanting to buy a good CBD. These tips will help you know that you are making a good purchase if you follow these guidelines. As we have mentioned, we use all 100% USA made organic hemp that is grown in Oregon, it is third-party tested, everything is C02 extracted, and 100% reputable. 

We look forward to your new journey with CBD. For our products make sure to checkout naturesharvestcbd.com/collections/all

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