CBD Flowers- What it is, and what are they best for? Do we sell them?

CBD Flowers- What it is, and what are they best for? Do we sell them?

Natures Harvest CBD does sell the CBD hemp flower! Unfortunately, our credit card processor will not allow us to sell our flowers on our website. You can have them special ordered by contacting our phone number at 888-504-5597. When you call that number you will be greeted by the owners of the company who will help you with your order and you will receive it within the next couple of days! find We do carry them at select retail locations across the country.


CBD flowers originate from industrial hemp plants and hold all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD. Those who prefer using the flower buds vs the oil claim the flowers work better for them due to the plethora of compounds in cannabis which in turn produce more noticeable effects even with. Ultimately, the effects are much more noticeable and seem to last longer due to the plethora of compounds of cannabis that are working together in the flower 

CBD flower is trimmed from the stalks of hemp without any additional manufacturing or purification needed which most CBD oils need. Both are great uses no matter what. 

Where to buy CBD Flowers?

CBD hemp flowers are being sold all over the internet, sold in gas stations, and smoke or vape shops, but a lot of these are not reputable flowers and are more than not overpriced. We highly recommend buying our CBD flowers as everything is 100% organic USA made hemp and can be traced to its exact source of where it was grown. Natures Harvest CBD sells the cbd Flower through prerolled flowers which are CBD joints, The individual flower buds in a jar. Photos are attached to know what they look like.

We love using the CBD flower and so do many of our customers!

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